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Assists a teacher in an online school for teenagers

Assists a teacher in an online school for teenagers

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Become a Online Training Mentor

A Online Training Mentors the online training process of a group from start to finish. They help with organizational issues and motivate students to complete the course.

In this course, you’ll learn how to:

Plan educational activities

Develop a motivation strategy

Use online tools for management

Resolve conflicts

Create friendly atmosphere

Collect feedback

Demand for Online Training Mentors in  2023

  • 5,000+ companies

    Looking for an Online Training Mentor

  • 54,400 KSH

    Average monthly income of an Online Training Mentor without experience

  • 2,5 months

    To enter the labor market

What Is Sigma Academy?

International online academy

Our educational project started in Kenya. Now we’re actively cooperating with Tanzania, Congo, Uganda and other African countries.

We use best international practices.
High level of education quality

Our courses are created by methodologists and practicing instructors. That’s why our students become competitive in the labor market.

Studying on Odin interactive platform

You can use a computer or a smartphone to study. On the platform, you’ll watch online classes and complete practical assignments.

Average Course Score
from students
on staff
Students started
a new career
Students employed

If you don’t like the course, you can get a refund within 14 days after the start date

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Sometimes plans may change, and for some reason you can’t continue with the course. In this case, you can request a refund within the first two weeks after the course begins.

Simply reach out to us at or through WhatsApp, explaining the reason for your refund. We’ll process your refund and send the money to you via M-PESA.

From Resume to Employment
with the Career Center

Help with resume and portfolio

Show employers your hard skills and get their attention

Career counseling

You can consult the HR Specialists about developing your career in the chosen field, switching to freelancing, or increasing the cost of your work

Feedback from the Career Center

The Career Center Specialists will answer any questions about your new profession

Helpful materials on finding a job

Learn how to find a job in your field in a short period of time

Database of selected jobs

You’ll find offers and projects from verified employers in closed channels

Course Program — “Online Training Mentor”



144 hours

In total

6 hours

Per week

2,5 months

Course duration

From scratch


Online Education Today

  • Professions in online learning
  • Roles and competencies in online learning

Mentor’s Role in Online Learning

  • Key responsibilities of an Online Training Mentor
  • Building a trusting relationship with students
  • Dealing with a decline in motivation
  • Working with students
  • Rules of online communication
  • Effective techniques for building online communication with students
  • Rules of business communication
  • Rules for formulating and offering students recommendations for training
  • Typical questions from students and algorithms for answering them
  • Techniques for dealing with difficult questions
  • Working with negativity
  • Principles of conflict resolution
  • Ways to maintain a correct tone of communication in any situation

Supporting the Educational Process

  • Analyzing a student’s educational path
  • Planning of organizational work
  • Psychological load of an Online Training Mentor
  • Skills of independent psychological regulation in the work of a Mentor
  • Techniques for quick stress relief
  • Prevention of professional burnout

Digital Tools & Services

  • Online tools for organizing tasks
  • Popular messengers for communicating with students

Online Educational Platforms

  • Main types of learning platforms
  • Criteria for choosing online platforms

Collecting Feedback & Preparing a Report

  • Tools and techniques for collecting feedback from instructor and students
  • Analyzing feedback and report preparation

Project Approach & Remote Team Coordination

  • Roles and stages of project work
  • Project timeline, task prioritization and Kant diagram
  • Time management techniques

Prove Your Skills

Every graduate receives
a certificate of completion

Our certificates state what you learned and how long the training lasted. Employers are more likely to choose professionals who can prove their skills with an educational document.


75% of the course is practice

In 10 weeks, you'll be able to:

  • Negotiate with students
  • Develop a media plan for a group chat
  • Motivate students to complete a course

Your Future Resume

Adebayo Ladipo

Online Training Mentor

Working remotely

junior specialist


educational document

junior specialist


educational document

Your skills:

Training support

Motivation management


Collecting feedback

Report drafting

Instructors Are Working Professionals

Simon Munch
Simon Munch

Instructor at the Sigma Academy and Educational Manager

Education: University of Groningen, BA in Pedagogical Sciences
Relevant Job Experience:7 years
Place of Work: Educational Manager at Education First

Best students will be invited to work
at Sigma Academy after finishing the course.


35,000 KSH


19% - 6,650 KSH

Installments of 2 months for 27% 9,450 KSH
Pay with M-PESA

Our Team

We’re a multicultural team of professionals dedicated to providing top-notch training in high-demand digital fields through our exclusive programs

Lindsay Paul
Lindsay Paul

Country Marketing Director ex. NCBA Bank, Desk UAE

Alex Ver
Alex Ver

Head of Product
ex. McKinsey

Ricky Omondi
Ricky Omondi

Sales Team Leader

Polina Kozlova
Polina Kozlova

Head of Sales Department

Oksana Zakharevich
Oksana Zakharevich

Educational Programs Director

Maxim Kitsenko
Maxim Kitsenko

Marketing Director

Alexey Belousov
Alexey Belousov

Head of Lead Generation

Julia Pekhetereva
Julia Pekhetereva

Project Manager

Olga Kupyra
Olga Kupyra

Head of the Career Center

Daniil Krasiuk
Daniil Krasiuk

Head of SMM

Ricky Omondi

Ricky Omondi

Sales Team Leader

Ricky Omondi is a visionary entrepreneur and seasoned sales expert who can drive results across various industries. As the founder of a successful venture and a skilled business developer, Ricky has consistently shown his ability to promote growth and deliver tangible results for organizations. His track record speaks volumes about his ability to navigate complexities in different sectors and build high-performing teams. Ricky's combination of entrepreneurial spirit and business development skills makes him a catalyst for success, capable of leading initiatives that propel organizations to new heights.

Message to future students: "Education is not just a journey; it's an adventure that shapes your future."

Alex Ver

Alex Ver

Head of Product
ex. McKinsey

Has gone all the way in online education: from a Supervisor of a student group to a Product Manager. Started in the field of preparation for state exams in Russia, and continues his career as a Head of Product in additional professional education.

Currently works on launching and developing Sigma Academy courses in Eastern Europe and Africa.

Message to future students: "You can always jump higher!"

Lindsay Paul

Lindsay Paul

Country Marketing Director ex. NCBA Bank, Desk UAE

Lindsay Paul is a seasoned marketing professional with a passion for driving brand success through strategic and creative marketing initiatives. With seven years of experience in the industry, she has established herself as a dynamic leader known for delivering results for both B2C and B2B companies.

Message to future students: "The key to the brighter future you want starts with an investment in yourself. An investment in your education and skills will help you unlock both new and grasp all opportunities that come your way."

Oksana Zakharevich

Oksana Zakharevich

Educational Programs Director

Over 3 years of work experience in the Teaching and Learning Department at a university in Russia, published articles about the competency-based approach in education. She’s also an Educational Programs Director in social educational projects for children and adults.

Message to future students: "Everything depends on you."

Polina Kozlova

Polina Kozlova

Head of Sales Department

Polina Kozlova is an experienced sales professional with over 6 years of expertise. She has conducted 10,000+ personal client conversations, consistently achieving high conversion rates ranging from 50% to 80% and exceeding sales targets by over 120%. With a focus on the Edtech sector, Polina specializes in direct and telephone active sales, serving both B2C and B2B markets. Her track record includes successfully developing sales departments for leading companies across the Russian, European, Canadian, and American markets, with a particular proficiency in establishing remote sales teams.

Message to future students: "Success in sales isn’t just about numbers; it’s about the meaningful connections we make with our clients and the value we bring to their lives."

Maxim Kitsenko

Maxim Kitsenko

Marketing Director

For more than 4 years, he has been managing marketing departments in EdTech projects: Sigma Academy, Employment Promotion, Code of the Future, Country of Masters, the expansion of the TSU HITs bachelor’s degree, and the launch of the marketing agency Junior Projects. He graduated from the Higher School of Management at St. Petersburg State University and NUST MISIS, and completed an exchange program at the Higher School of Economics in Prague.

Message to future students: "Nothing is impossible. I invite you to dream and act."

Alexey Belousov

Alexey Belousov

Head of Lead Generation

He has been working in the field of marketing for more than 10 years, during which time he has managed a total budget of approximately 80 million rubles.

Message to future students: "Seize every opportunity; it’s through action that you discover your path to growth."

Julia Pekhetereva

Julia Pekhetereva

Project Manager

She has collaborated with major Russian and global brands such as Bahroma, Royal Canin, Toyo Tires, and Caterpillar.

Message to future students: "Your knowledge is the key to endless possibilities. Believe in yourself, pursue excellence, and empower change in the world."

Olga Kupyra

Olga Kupyra

Head of the Career Center

She has over 8 years of experience in marketing and has contributed to the launch of 20 entertainment, banking, and educational products. As part of the Employment Promotion project, she has facilitated career trajectories for over 50,000 graduates. Additionally, she has forged partnerships with top management of prominent Russian companies such as HH, Yandex, SuperJob, VK, YouDo, and others. With experience speaking at 118 Russian universities, she is adept at engaging diverse audiences.

Message to future students: "We’ve been endowed with unique capabilities: to think, speak, dream, create. There’s no better time to develop your abilities, so why waste it?"

Daniil Krasiuk

Daniil Krasiuk

Head of SMM

Working in the field of SMM since 2018, he has launched over 50 projects on social networks, amassing a following of more than 400,000 subscribers. He has collaborated with top hotels, federal chain restaurants, and retail stores in the Southern Federal District. Currently, he leads the SMM department in educational projects such as Promotion of Employment and Code of the Future.

Message to future students: "We will persevere in our actions."


Can I study if I have no experience in the chosen field?

Of course, you can. Our programs are suitable for those who are starting from the beginning.

What document will I get when I finish the bootcamp?

After completing the training, you’ll receive a certificate that includes details about the bootcamp duration and the subjects you’ve studied.

How can I get help with finding a job?

Our Career Center HR specialists are ready to help you create a career development plan, draft a resume, CV, and portfolio. In addition, you’ll get access to channels with hand-picked job postings and projects from verified employers.

How long does the training last? How long does it take per week?

Our programs last for 3–5 months. All lectures are available in the recording, so you can plan the schedule yourself. You need 8–12 hours per week to study.

Is it possible to study using my phone?

While you can watch classes on a smartphone or tablet, practical assignments require a laptop or PC. These assignments involve coding and using specialized software not compatible with mobile devices.

Who will instruct me?

Our instructors are experienced professionals who have a minimum of 5 years of expertise in their respective fields. Under their guidance, you’ll acquire the essential knowledge and improve your skills through hands-on tasks.

For how long will I get access to the bootcamp?

You’ll have 3 years of access to the program materials.

Will I get help during the bootcamp?

Of course. Our mentors assist in all cases and instructors review assignments and answer questions to guarantee you comprehend the materials and succeed in your new profession.

Can I pay in installments?

We offer an interest-free installment plan with an advance payment starting from 10%.

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