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Started selling clothes on a popular marketplace

Started selling clothes on a popular marketplace

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Become a Marketplace Specialist

A Marketplace Specialist promotes and sells products on online marketplaces. They coordinate the work of the store, attract traffic and generate profits.

In this course, you’ll learn how to:

Organize sales on popular marketplaces

Analyze potential buyers’ behavior and demand

Analyze competitors and create a USP

Attract new customers through marketplaces

Create product cards

Search for the best suppliers and arrange delivery

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Demand for Marketplace Specialists in 2023

  • 5,000+ companies

    Looking for a Marketplace Specialist

  • $33,000

    Average annual income of a Marketplace Specialist without experience

  • 3 months

    To enter the job market

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Course Program — “Marketplace Specialist”



144 hours

In total

10 hours

Per week

2 months

Course duration

For everyone



  • Introductory section
  • Choosing marketplaces
  • Profession of a Marketplace Specialist

Tools & Basic Skills

  • Overview of services and tools
  • Practice


  • Criteria for selecting a marketplace
  • Registration on leading marketplaces

Taxation & Business Structure

  • Business structures
  • Taxation

Creating Product Cards

  • Algorithms of the search engine, the basics of semantics
  • Requirements for texts and features
  • Visual content

External Analytics & Selecting a Niche

  • Development strategies

Working with Suppliers

  • Development strategies

Logistics & Forms of Work with a Marketplace

  • Forms of work with a marketplace
  • Warehousing
  • Logistics

Pricing & Financial Model

  • Financial model
  • Generating the cost price
  • External analytics

Advertising Campaigns & Promotion Strategy

  • Sources of traffic. Internal traffic
  • Overview of advertising cabinets. Practice
  • Landing pages

Analysis & Work with a Store

  • Financial reports. Reports on sales

Specialist’s Work Regulations & Job Search

  • Specialist’s job duties
  • Job search

75% of the course is practice

In as little as 8 weeks, you’ll be able to:

  • Create product cards and develop advertising campaigns
  • Search for suppliers and coordinate logistics
  • Forecast and generate business profits

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Can I study if I have no experience in the chosen field?

Of course, you can. Our programs are suitable for those who are starting from the beginning.

What document will I get when I finish the bootcamp?

After completing the training, you’ll receive a certificate that includes details about the bootcamp duration and the subjects you’ve studied.

How can I get help with finding a job?

Our Career Center HR specialists are ready to help you create a career development plan, draft a resume, CV, and portfolio. In addition, you’ll get access to channels with hand-picked job postings and projects from verified employers.

How long does the training last? How long does it take per week?

Our programs last for 3–5 months. All lectures are available in the recording, so you can plan the schedule yourself. You need 8–12 hours per week to study.

Is it possible to study using my phone?

While you can watch classes on a smartphone or tablet, practical assignments require a laptop or PC. These assignments involve coding and using specialized software not compatible with mobile devices.

Who will instruct me?

Our instructors are experienced professionals who have a minimum of 5 years of expertise in their respective fields. Under their guidance, you’ll acquire the essential knowledge and improve your skills through hands-on tasks.

For how long will I get access to the bootcamp?

You’ll have 3 years of access to the program materials.

Will I get help during the bootcamp?

Of course. Our mentors assist in all cases and instructors review assignments and answer questions to guarantee you comprehend the materials and succeed in your new profession.

Can I pay in installments?

We offer an interest-free installment plan with an advance payment starting from 10%.

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