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What Is Sigma Academy?

International online academy

Our educational project started in Kenya. Now we’re actively cooperating with Tanzania, Congo, Uganda and other African countries.

We use best international practices.
High level of education quality

Our courses are created by methodologists and practicing instructors. That’s why our students become competitive in the labor market.

Studying on Odin interactive platform

You can use a computer or a smartphone to study. On the platform, you’ll watch online classes and complete practical assignments.

Average Course Score
from students
on staff
Students started
a new career
Students employed

If you don’t like the course, you can get a refund within 14 days after the start date

More about refund


Sometimes plans may change, and for some reason you can’t continue with the course. In this case, you can request a refund within the first two weeks after the course begins.

Simply reach out to us at or through WhatsApp, explaining the reason for your refund. We’ll process your refund and send the money to you via M-PESA.

Requirements for Students

Good English language
(B1 or higher)

Laptop / PC


Basic Computer
Literacy skills


Study with Sigma Academy

We believe that quality training in high-demand digital or IT professions should be accessible and affordable. Our courses were developed by experts who are passionate about sharing their knowledge and experience with aspiring students.

Let’s create a brighter future together —
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You’ll Benefit from Our Courses If You Want to…

Work remotely, in an international
company or become a freelancer

Upgrade your

Have in-demand skills
and new profession

Increase your income
and boost your career

Academy Values

1 / 8

Expertise and quality teaching

Our experts are founders of agencies and companies, speakers in business schools. They’re more than professionals in their niche — they’re successful instructors who can explain anything in plain language.

Online classes

All lectures with instructors are online. You can get answers to your questions during the stream or whenever it’s convenient for you, after watching the recording, in the chat.

Personal support

Our students get 3 types of feedback: from the instructor, the instructor’s assistant and the curator. It makes the learning process more meaningful and comfortable and the student gets help with their issues on various levels.

Direct contact with instructors

You don’t need the VIP tariff to talk to the expert. Throughout the course, you can discuss topics and tasks with them during classes and in chats without additional payments.


During the course, students create a portfolio with assignments and present a final project. When looking for a job, you can show your portfolio and prove that you have positive work experience.

Learning comfort and speed

We develop courses with a team of marketers, methodologists and experts, so that a student could gain skills quickly and at a comfortable pace and we’d be able to help them become an independent specialist.

Educational document

Our certificates have information about the modules and hours of training and make graduates feel confident in the labor market. For many employers, it’s crucial to have a worker with a verified qualification.

Help from the Career Center

You’ll have access to useful materials on finding a job, consult with HR Specialists, get support and advice from students and experts in the Community and find job openings in Telegram channels.

Our mission is to offer young people from Sub-Saharan Africa an opportunity to change their life and resolve issues of the region. We hope to make it possible by bringing about quick and affordable online education that will give them a high-demand digital or IT profession. About Us

Instructors Are Working

Toby Richardson
Zipporah Too

“Graphic Design“ Course

Kate Holland
Ruth Kirui

“Сall Сenter Agent“ Course Instructor

Anastasia Fokina
Anastasia Fokina

“Web Developer“ Course Instructor

Vadim Voronkov
Vadim Voronkov

“Data Analyst“ Course Instructor

Vadim Voronkov
Liam Hall

“Web Developer“ Course Instructor

Graduates’ Reviews


Patricia Otieno

I really enjoyed the course on digital marketing by Sigma Academy. The instructor was very friendly and knowledgeable. She provided many examples from her own experience, and it helped better understand the topic. We practiced a lot, so I have many projects in the portfolio to demonstrate my skills and knowledge. It helped me feel more confident during interviews. Just a few days after graduation I got a job as a junior digital marketing specialist in an international agency.


Brian Obende

Thanks for the opportunity to start a new career! I’ve always loved helping people, so I chose the program for future call center specialists at Sigma Academy. The course was very thorough: we learned a lot about communication, how we can handle conflicting customers and how to deal with cold calls. The help from the career center was also great. I saw an opening in their channel and applied, now I work in the tech industry. I’m grateful for this program to the Academy team!


Nia Mwangi

Taking the graphic design course at Sigma Academy was a game-changer for me! I dove into learning and discovered a lot about the theory of design, how people perceive colors and so on. The lectures were super informative, and the hands-on tasks made it all click. The instructor was very professional, giving us tips and feedback that really helped. Plus, I could study and finish all the assignments despite my crazy schedule. It’s super convenient to watch recorded classes when you have free time and ask questions in a chatroom. Now, I’m feeling pretty pro and already had a couple of gigs. If you’re into design, seriously check this course out—it’s been fantastic!


Jim Ochieng

I stumbled upon this web dev course on social media. I liked the instructor, she made all the tech stuff easy to understand. We practiced a lot, so now I deeply understand HTML and CSS.

Specialists from the Career Centre helped me polish up my CV and portfolio, and shared quite useful materials about employment, including projects and openings for graduates. Thanks to them, I got connected with two companies and now I work on their projects. If you’re starting from scratch and want to make it big, this course by Sigma Academy is the way to go.


Fred Njeri

I jumped into the data analyst course without any experience in tech because I wanted to change my career. It’s legit beginner-friendly, our instructor made everything so easy to understand. From basics to practical assignments, I felt like I had a secret power to work with data using Python and SQL, even though before the course I had zero knowledge.

I’m really thankful to the Academy for this amazing opportunity! Highly recommend studying here!



Sigma Academy has helped me improve my use of data analysis to solve complex business problems. Now I can identify the root causes of issues and propose data-driven solutions.

John Mwanza

John Mwanza

I really like what I learned from the free module — I now know what to do with HTML and CSS. I could understand the difference between the two and how to work with them. Even though I’m still struggling with CSS, I feel confident with HTML. The career of a Web Developer is of interest to me. With that, I will keep my eyes open on Sigma Academy for future updates so that I can pursue my studies.

Asafa Madaki

Asafa Madaki

The best part of the course is practice. The instructor demonstrated and explained many cases, we did case studies and created our own project — it was like we’re already Data Analysts and doing some real tasks. The internship I got after the course showed that I was 99% ready to work with data analysis.

Moses Wekesa

Moses Wekesa

I took the Data Analyst course at Sigma Academy. About my impressions:

1. Instructors: They communicated effectively, provided clear explanations, and engaged with the students well. Also, they were knowledgeable and responsive to questions.

Tish Adeyemi

Tish Adeyemi

For me, support after completing the course was very important. I created a portfolio with projects that we did during the course and got advice from the Career Center on my new resume. I feel better prepared for my future as a Web Developer.

Moses Wekesa

Moses Wekesa

I took the Data Analyst course at Sigma Academy. About my impressions:

1. Instructors: They communicated effectively, provided clear explanations, and engaged with the students well. Also, they were knowledgeable and responsive to questions.

2. Classes: The structure and format of the classes were impressive. They were well-organized and easy to follow. The pacing of the classes was appropriate. However, there were also opportunities for interaction and participation.

3. Materials: The learning materials provided in the Data Analytics course were very helpful. They included videos, readings, assignments, and quizzes. These materials helped me understand the concepts and apply them.

4. Course Content: I was very satisfied with the content covered in the course. It did align with expectations and the course description. Additionally, the topics were relevant and comprehensive regarding data analytics concepts and techniques.

5. Assignments and Assessments: The assignments and assessments were challenging but manageable. They effectively tested my understanding and application of the concepts taught in the course.

6. Support and Resources: Sufficient resources and support were available to help me throughout the course. This could involve discussion forums, office hours, or additional reading material.

7. Practical Application: Practical examples and case studies helped me understand how to use data analytics tools and techniques effectively.

Overall Impression: The course was very educational, and I recommend it to others interested in learning data analytics at Sigma Academy.

Convenient Platform

Get to know the platform

On our Odin platform, you can watch online lectures, do
practical tasks, and communicate with instructors and
mentors. You’ll gain access to Odin right after you pay for the

Complete the assignments

After the theoretical part, you’ll build your skills with practical
tasks. They’re close to what specialists do in real life, and any
can become a part of your portfolio. You’ll have access to the
materials for 3 years after the end of the course.

Connect with the experts

Instructors and mentors will help you achieve your goals.
They check home assignments and answer your questions.
You can communicate with them via Odin or on a Telegram

Accelerate your career growth

In addition to classes, there’s also information that will help
you with employment. You’ll get recommendations on
drafting a resume and portfolio, advice about different types
of interviews, and other useful tips.

From Resume to Employment
with the Career Center

Help with resume and portfolio

Show employers your hard skills and get their attention

Career counseling

You can consult the HR Specialists about developing your career in the chosen field, switching to freelancing, or increasing the cost of your work

Feedback from the Career Center

The Career Center Specialists will answer any questions about your new profession

Helpful materials on finding a job

Learn how to find a job in your field in a short period of time

Database of selected jobs

You’ll find offers and projects from verified employers in closed channels

Imani’s Story: Left Banking to Become a UI Designer

I worked in the banking industry for 15 years, but 10 years ago, I went on maternity leave and was there for a while. Now, I have three children. I started thinking about part-time and remote work.

I read about the Sigma Academy on the Internet but never paid much attention. Then my friend said she’d started studying there, so I also applied. I chose the «UI Designer» course because it was different from what I knew and used to do.

We studied for two months only; the education was intense. I successfully completed the final project and started looking for a job. For some time, I worked for free to get experience. However, six months later, I got a job offer from a web design agency located in Germany.

I wish future students to choose an interesting specialty and find practical application for their knowledge.

Makena’s Story: I’m Working as a Software Tester from Home

I used to work in trade, but then I had a child and didn’t work for 2 years. I wanted to take a course organized by one university, but it was too costly, so I looked into other options and found Sigma Academy.

I went to the “Software Tester” course. It’s a high-demand profession, which gives the opportunity to work from home. I liked the training, everything was clear. The instructor answered all my questions. The good thing is that you can watch recorded lessons. After a while, I found a job in inDrive.

I hope that other participants will achieve success in learning. Don’t get discouraged if something doesn’t work right away, and don’t compare your beginning to someone else’s peak.

Omari’s Story: Closed My Business and Plunged into Data Analysis

I had to close my business and started looking for a remote job. I came across the Sigma Academy on the Internet and took the «Data Analyst» course, because I heard many positive reviews about the work in IT.

At first, I didn’t think it was what I wanted. But I finished the course, I liked it, and I got an internship. The internship was great! When it ended, I got a job offer from Safaricom.

Don’t be afraid, with such instructors you’ll succeed! Keep learning, it’s an excellent opportunity to change your life.

Nia’s Story: From Lawyer to Graphic Designer

I Devote Time to My Family & Live Off 5/2 Schedule

I worked as a lawyer in a government agency. The job was OK, but I wanted a better income. During maternity leave, I got interested in design. I took part in free and paid courses, worked with a blogger, and created visuals for her social media. I wanted to study more, so I signed up for the “Graphic Designer” course at Sigma Academy.

By the end of the course, I had two clients. Two months later, I came back to my job, and applied for a position in the project channel — an online yoga school was looking for a Graphic Designer. I was invited to an internship and then hired. I still work there. When the pay level was equal to the salary at my main place of work, I quit my job. I want to devote time to my child and live off the 5/2 schedule.

I wish everyone to take advantage of this opportunity to get a new profession and choose a specialty that you like!

Prove Your Skills

Every graduate receives
a certificate of completion

Our certificates state what you learned and how long the training lasted. Employers are more likely to choose professionals who can prove their skills with an educational document.

This Shouldn’t Stop You

It’s hard to combine learning with my job

The training is online, and you need 2-3 hours a day to study. Students watch lessons before/after work or on the weekends. Even if you don’t make it to the lecture, you can watch the recording. There’s 3-year access to the materials.

There are few digital jobs in my city

If there are no jobs in your city in the profession you want to learn, it’s not a problem. A digital professional can work remotely from anywhere in the country or the world.

Digital professions are complicated

Each profession has its challenges. But thanks to the practice-oriented approach and our instructors, even beginners can easily gain skills. The courses spiral from simple to complex topics, and each module is reinforced with extensive practice.

Competition in the labor market

We’ve analyzed job search sites — the demand for digital professionals is only growing. Some employers are ready to pay high salaries, but can’t find workers. If you solve business problems, you’ll become a valuable specialist. The competition won’t be a problem, and companies will be happy to invite you to the team.

Lack of free time

Online courses are a concentrated essence of theory and practice. You don’t have to spend 2-5 years, just 2-3 months is enough to start in a new field. You can study at a convenient time, you’ll need just a couple of hours a day. Attend the class online or watch the recording — the choice is yours.

I’m too old to start my career all over again

You have over a dozen years left if you plan to live until you are 90-95. If you want to make good money in an interesting job, now is the best time to start your career. Employers don’t care about your age, they care about your skills and portfolio. And we can help you with these.

Our Team

We’re a multicultural team of professionals dedicated to providing top-notch training in high-demand digital fields through our exclusive programs

Lindsay Paul Lindsay Paul

Country Marketing Director ex. NCBA Bank, Desk UAE

Alex Ver Alex Ver

Head of Product
ex. McKinsey

Ricky Omondi Ricky Omondi

Sales Team Leader

Mauris Akoth Mauris Akoth

Chief Technical Officer
ex. Philips

Oksana Zakharevich Oksana Zakharevich

Educational Programs Director

Ricky Omondi

Ricky Omondi

Sales Team Leader

Ricky Omondi is a visionary entrepreneur and seasoned sales expert who can drive results across various industries. As the founder of a successful venture and a skilled business developer, Ricky has consistently shown his ability to promote growth and deliver tangible results for organizations. His track record speaks volumes about his ability to navigate complexities in different sectors and build high-performing teams. Ricky's combination of entrepreneurial spirit and business development skills makes him a catalyst for success, capable of leading initiatives that propel organizations to new heights.

Message to future students: Education is not just a journey; it's an adventure that shapes your future.

Alex Ver

Alex Ver

Head of Product
ex. McKinsey

Has gone all the way in online education: from a Supervisor of a student group to a Product Manager. Started in the field of preparation for state exams in Russia, and continues his career as a Head of Product in additional professional education.

Currently works on launching and developing Sigma Academy courses in Eastern Europe and Africa.

Message to future students: You can always jump higher!

Lindsay Paul

Lindsay Paul

Country Marketing Director ex. NCBA Bank, Desk UAE

Lindsay Paul is a seasoned marketing professional with a passion for driving brand success through strategic and creative marketing initiatives. With seven years of experience in the industry, she has established herself as a dynamic leader known for delivering results for both B2C and B2B companies.

Message to future students: The key to the brighter future you want starts with an investment in yourself. An investment in your education and skills will help you unlock both new and grasp all opportunities that come your way.

Oksana Zakharevich

Oksana Zakharevich

Educational Programs Director

Over 3 years of work experience in the Teaching and Learning Department at a university in Russia, published articles about the competency-based approach in education. She’s also an Educational Programs Director in social educational projects for children and adults.

Message to future students: Everything depends on you.

Mauris Akoth

Mauris Akoth

Chief Technical Officer
ex. Philips

Used to work for Huawei in Nigeria. Led the development of the information system for schools of children’s additional education. Supervised the development of the Odin training system used by the Sigma Academy.

Message to future students: A person who does nothing is not wrong. The one who gets criticized the most is the one who works the most


Can I study if I have no experience in the chosen field?

Of course, you can. Our programs are suitable for those who are starting from the beginning.

What document will I get when I finish the course?

After completing the training, you’ll receive a certificate that includes details about the course duration and the subjects you’ve studied.

How can I get help with finding a job?

Our Career Center HR specialists are ready to help you create a career development plan, draft a resume, CV, and portfolio. In addition, you’ll get access to channels with hand-picked job postings and projects from verified employers.

How long does the training last? How long does it take per week?

Our courses last for 2–4 months. All lectures are available in the recording, so you can plan the schedule yourself. You need 8–10 hours per week to study.

Who will instruct me?

Our instructors are experienced professionals who have a minimum of 5 years of expertise in their respective fields. Under their guidance, you’ll acquire the essential knowledge and improve your skills through hands-on tasks.

For how long will I get access to the course?

You’ll have 3 years of access to the program materials.

Will I get help during the course?

Of course. Our mentors assist in all cases and instructors review assignments and answer questions to guarantee you comprehend the materials and succeed in your new profession.

Can I pay in installments?

We offer an interest-free installment plan with an advance payment starting from 10%.

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